I'm Sabine - photographer & videographer based in Leipzig, Germany.

My Photography journey began 2010 with a little blog on tumblr. Everyday a photo - that was my goal. 
So I fed my little heart project called "I HEART SNAPSHOTS" with analog photos from friends, partys, everyday moments, portraits, fashionshoots and travels.
Simple snapshots. The beautiful moments of everyday life and lots of memories. 
And that is still my way of photographing - keeping the little moments in between - pure and emotional. 
If you still want to read more - here are some random facts about me:
I love to travel! I got the chance to discover lot's of asia thanks to my university and their partner schools.
Since 3 years I'm addicted to the USA - especially Portland (Oregon) and New York.
I love coffee - black, no sugar, no milk.
My zodiac sign is libra - that's why you probabbly won't get just one answer if you'll ask me something. I almost always see things from two sides.
If you have any questions or want to work with me, please use my contact form on this site!
all the best,

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